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The most comfortable way to camp in Hanmer Springs is in one of our amazing camping grounds - you'll have kitchens, bathrooms, laundrys and other facilities at your disposal.

Freedom camping (staying overnight out of campgrounds) is only permitted in vehicles which are certified as self-contained.  

These are outlined in the Hurunui District Council Freedom Camping Bylaw. Breaches of the bylaw can incur a fine up to $20,000.00


The rules are:

  1. Respect our environment. Leave the site clear of all rubbish, waste and damage.
  2. Understand that dumping waste and litter is an offence and will result in instant fines or prosecution. Litter infringement - $400.00.
  3. Act responsibly, and respect the access and enjoyment rights of other public space users.
  4. Have immediate access to a three day capacity toilet, wastewater collection and rubbish disposal facilities. Toilet and greywater must be disposed of in an approved campervan dump station.
  5. Use designated public spaces, camping areas (e.g. Department of Conservation sites) or commercial premises as available. Check with the local i-SITE (information centre), local council website or other camping guides if unsure of freedom camping sites in the area. Appreciate that some environmentally or culturally sensitive areas, and some built-up areas will not permit any form of freedom camping.
  6. Understand that freedom camping is a temporary activity, generally considered to be two days unless otherwise informed.


Additional conditions:

  1. Freedom camping is permitted in areas other than those listed below.
  2. Freedom camping must only be undertaken in a vehicle that is certified as self-contained and includes onboard cooking facilities.
  3. No person may undertake Freedom Camping for longer than two nights in any calendar month at any single location.
  4. Toilet waste and greywater must be disposed of at a Council-approved dump point.
  5. All refuse must be disposed of at an approved refuse collection facility.
  6. An area used for Freedom Camping must be left in a clean and tidy state by users.
  7. Any request made by an Authorised Officer to move on must be complied with.


Prohibited Camping Areas in the Hurunui District

  1. All areas where Hurunui District Council "No Camping or Overnight Parking" signs are displayed
  2. Any Urban Area
  3. Any area within 500 metres of any accommodation facility
  4. Any area in which freedom camping is prohibited by any other enactment


Hanmer Springs' grey waste dump station locations

  • Alpine Adventure Holiday Park, 200 Jacks Pass Road
  • Alpine Holiday Apartments & Campground, 9 Fowlers Lane
  • Hanmer River Holiday Park, 26 Medway Road
  • Mountain View Top 10 Holiday Park, Hanmer Springs Road
  • Pines Holiday Park, 158 Argelins Road


Recycling and Rubbish Disposal

You will find recycle bins in Hanmer Springs beside the library and Chisholm Crescent playground.

There is also a free recycling drop off point at the Hanmer Springs Transfer Station for newspapers, magazines, food and drink cans, plastic bottles, cardboard and paper.  

You can also dispose of rubbish at the station - the cost is $3 per large bag or sack.

The station is located near the river bridge and open the following times:

Between 6 May and 31 August. Open: Wed 1pm to 4pm, Fri 10am to 1pm and Sun 11am to 2pm

Between 1 Sept and 5 May. Open: Tues & Sat 1pm to 4pm, Fri 10am to 1pm and Sun 11am to 3pm


Click here to view Hanmer Springs' commercial camping grounds & holiday parks