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Choose a track that matches your skills, fitness and the experience you're after. Most tracks are more difficult when wet. Avoid riding in the mud and rain.

Hanmer Trails are graded in accordance with the grading system developed by the Mountain Bike Association of New Zealand (MTBNZ) along with key stakeholders including the Department of Conservation. 

Grade 1 (beginner)

Fairly flat, wide (4×4) smooth tracks or gravel roads. Suitable if you’re new to mountain biking.

Grade 2 (easy)

Narrower trails that are mostly flat with some gentle climbs. Easily avoidable obstacles such as rocks or tree roots. Perfect if you’re just starting to like this activity.

Grade 3 (intermediate)

Singletrack trails which may have a loose surface, exposed edges, and trickier obstacles (that are avoidable if you want). Heaps of fun if you have been riding for a while and enjoy singletrack.

Grade 4 (advanced)

A mixture of steep gradients, larger obstacles, and loose surfaces. Great fun for confident riders that are keen for a challenge.

Grade 5 (expert)

Technically challenging with sharp corners, steep drop-offs, and big obstacles or structures .Wicked if you are a rockstar, or think you are one.


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